Classic 27/17 Active Adult & Puppy Dry Dog Food, 40-lb Bag

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Product Description

Sportsman's Pride Field Master   Dog Foods are trusted by legends. True masters of their craft. Every formula is crafted by experts for optimum performance right here in the USA. Natural Dog Food with No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Millet, or Sorghum in the best protein/fat ratios on the field. Count on the high quality protein and optimum fat levels to help promote proper body function, build healthy muscle tissue, and provide stamina second to none. Made with our exclusive Omega Pride Skin & Coat System because a proper balance of Omega fatty acids is essential for good immune function, increased skin moisture, and an improved hair coat. Put our Omega Pride System to the test for 30 Days and you will see the difference that a well balanced, scientific formula can make in your dog! Outstanding performance for any champion and a healthy, happy dog.