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  • Unique Formula for Quick Absorption
  • Maximizes Antler Growth & Genetic Potential
  • Strong Sweet Aroma
  • Beneficial For Lactating Does
  • Essential Macro & Micro Minerals
  • Probiotics To Boost & Balance Immune System
  • Prebiotics To Aid In Digestibility & Absorption
  • Contains Humic Acid 
  • 8 Lbs
  • I started using Maniac Outdoors green apple mineral supplement and attractant in the early summer of 2022. Within a couple days of establishing the new mineral site, I had multiple... view more deer showing up using the mineral site multiple times per day. I also had one of the biggest bucks we've ever had on our property frequenting the Maniac mineral site on nearly a nightly basis. Fast forward to the first week of October, I was able to kill that buck that ended up scoring over 170"! I truly believe that Maniac mineral supplement helped hold that buck on our property and played a huge part in helping me pattern his activity, and eventually leading to me harvesting him within feet of the mineral site! Can't say enough about Maniac Outdoors! The owner is a real stand up guy who truly believes in and stands behind his products! Try it today and see the results for yourself!!!! view less