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Enjoy our delicious desertS  S’mores Cookie packs, Lemon Cookies packs, and  Molten Brownie packs!

SHELF LIFE: All our products are marked with a 36 month best by date, to ensure freshness, however, product will be safe to eat after 60 months when stored in a cool dry place.

OMEALS®is powered by NXH®; Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, odorless and safe to use in confined spaces

Sumptuous S’mores delivers the most delicious summer-inspired treat, with or without the campfire. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fluffy vanilla marshmallow, rich chocolate chips, molasses, and brown sugar. Gluten Free and Vegan. 

SHELF LIFE: 36 Months shelf life when stored in a cool dry place.

Our Luscious Lemon cookie is made with pure lemon extract and brown sugar. The perfect blend of tart and sweet make this cookie an uplifting treat to go that extra mile. Gluten Free and Vegan. 

This decadent fudge brownie is sure to satisfy your double-chocolate craving, dark chocolate chips, and rich cocoa powder will inspire you on the trail to your destination. Gluten free and Vegan.